Not FAIR!!

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

I know, I know... no one ever said life was gonna be fair.

I might have said it myself a time or twenty (thousand).

But I am still inclined to pout.

I am doing really well at sticking to my < 1000 calorie/day diet, and in the last week alone have done two 18.6 km walks, four 4km walks, and a 6 km long hike. PLUS gardening, helping with the dock, and assorted other physical activity the like of which I have not done for YEARS.

And did I mention that I'm sticking to the <1000 calorie/day diet?

So how is it possible that I have not only not lost any more weight, I have, according to the traitor scale in my washroom, GAINED weight? Not a lot - but it is not going in the right direction and I am IRKED. Also PEEVED. And more than a little inclined to POUT.


On the plus side, I haven't done the FDGB thing since April 9 - haven't had angina in about 2 weeks, I am rarely short of breath, and my house is cleaner and my garden growing better than usual, because I feel SO much better and ABLE to get off my arse and DO stuff.

But still - I have such a long way to go to get to the goal weight the doctor set for me... it is really, REALLY frustrating to have that blasted scale go in the wrong direction.


  • Jim

    Same thing happens to me. There must be a Klingon gravity beam aimed at Earth.

  • Anonymous

    I'd be tempted to get a new set of scales!

    All scales weigh differently. I am going through a similar thing atm, although I confess to not sticking to my diet as well as you. my weight doesn't change at home, but during a 10 min drive to the gym I had lost about 5lbs - I know which scales I am relying on from now on!

  • BK

    It could be the increase of your muscle mass as you did more physical activities.

  • Phyl

    Damn. So sorry to hear this! But I was going to say what BK said -- muscle weighs more than fat, so you may still be really improving. It will show eventually. Keep going!

  • Christa

    Make sure you are eating enough for your activity level!
    Says the fat girl. : )

  • Stephanie B

    Couple things:

    First, women have cyclic water weight gain. Just the amount one weighs at any given moment has a 10 pound uncertainty on it because of it.

    That's why I've always weighed daily when I'm on a diet and smooth the function over time. Water weight comes and goes and I can determine the actual change in mass.

    Hacker's Diet (google it) has a spreadsheet that does that automatically and a useful explanation on why this method is helpful (and doing this usually keeps one from being discouraged by such anomalies). Check it out.

    I expect you'll have lost some this week when all the factors average out.

  • Susan Helene Gottfried

    The calorie intake might be too low for you, too, Flit. Your body might be hoarding the fuel you're giving it, converting it to fat, thinking you're going to starve to death.

  • Poetic Shutterbug

    It is probably some water retention. Just keep it up and you will see results.

  • Kelly B

    Do you weight yourself at the same time? I weigh myself in the morning when I get up (just after peeing cuz that weight counts too) and then just before bed (after peeing, of course) and I can have a weight difference of up to 5 lbs in one day.

    Also, people hit a wall. You have to change up your physical activity or your body will build a resistance too it.


  • Sandy

    Sorry to hear of your frustration. I hear the most important thing about dieting is to eat a good breakfast, drink plenty of water, snack...that is eat small amounts of things throughout the day.

    Muscle does weigh, so perhaps thats part of the situation. 1000 glue if thats a good amount for someone your age, size, and gender. I would ask the doc though, or better yet; see a dietician.

    Good Luck

  • flit

    The doctor I saw (finally!) about my fainting episodes is the one that put me on the diet - and its one used by the Shouldice Clinic (which is Canadian and doesn' have much of a web presence, go figure) .... so it should be reasonable.

    I'm thinking that at least some of it is water retention ... getting to the bloated & exhausted time o' the month.

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