I am Freaking AMAZING!

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay... so not really ...but I am pretty darn proud of myselt today.

One of my biggest issues with the whole not driving thing is that I have felt trapped and totally dependent on other people to give me rides to wherever. Can't even count on the cabs in this hick town - more than half the times that I have called to try to get a cab, I've gotten a nope, sorry, can't help you.

So - I decided that I should build up to the point where I could, if I had to, walk to Midland, which is the closest town that has bus service (and cabs that actually ... you know... take people places) .... and I have been walking almost every day since school finished.

I usually only go as far as the post office and back - 2 km each way ...but today I got ambitious. I left Scrooge at home (much to his disgust) and walked all the way into Midland. I went to our local Walmart and the dollar store, then went to Boston Pizza where I was a very good girl and had one of the lowest calorie meals - shrimp skewers with a salad; dressing on the side. It is, according to Mapquest, 9.97km/6.19 miles... although that is the driving directions and doesn't account for the fact that the Tay Shoreline Trail does not follow the highway, but instead meanders back and forth along the shore of Georgian Bay.

Or for the fact that stOOpid me didn't know where the trail came out so when I got to someplace I recognized I left the trail and went WAY the long way! Figured it out on my way home though.

Did have to take a couple of painkillers for my back - but not nearly as many as I might have if I hadn't figured out that when I don't have the mutt, I can swing my arms more naturally, which seems to lessen the owies in the midscapular area.

My feets sure hurt now though!

But I don't care - I am proud of me.


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