Sleeping With a Mouthguard

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yeah, okay I adjusted just ~fine~ to sleeping with the non-glow-in-the-dark mouthpiece my dentist made for me because when I'm stressed, I grind my teeth which keeps hubby awake, and damages my teeth. I have had to have SO many fillings replaced prematurely because of it.

I SAID it should be glow in the dark!

Of course, when I said it, I didn't have as good a reason for it - I just happen to like glow in the dark stuff.

But seriously - if it DID glow in the dark, perhaps I might have been able to find it again in the dark and put it back in when I was grinding my teeth so loudly that I woke myself up last night.

I haven't actually had all that much trouble adjusting to sleeping with it - except that apparently, as soon as I start grinding, I take it out and toss it wherever... I've found it on the nightstand, on the floor, on the windowsill, and once, inside a drawer.

No memory of taking it out at all - so I don't know how I can stop it - but I do vaguely recall waking up last night and looking for it. If it had glowed in the dark maybe I would have found it and put it back in ... at least for a few minutes.


  • Stephanie B

    Have you tried duct tape?


    You know I love you.

    Seriously, stop throwing things at me!

  • mypublicme

    lmao...hey i was thinking the same thing....duct for everything :)

  • Laura

    Heh! Well at least you've adjusted to sleeping with it. I tried .. for many months. Just could not get any kind of quality sleep. So I started wearing it less and less, until finally I just stopped wearing it.

    I wonder if they make some kind of fluorescent marker which would be able to mark on it? Perhaps that would glow in the dark. :)

  • Jan from BetterSpines

    Couldn't live without mine. Never thought about glow-in-the-dark, though. That would be good for Halloween.

  • nipsy

    My youngest son was a teeth grinder for a few years, and it drove me nuts. His poor baby teeth were looking awful. Luckily they finally fell out, and I can only hope he doesn't start up again with his big people teeth.

  • Kelly B

    I'm not a grinder, but I do clench my teeth a lot at night...I've thought about getting something like that, but I don't know if I could sleep with it in my mouth either.

    I think glow in the dark would be great though!


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