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>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

flit wants fudge
I'm in munchie mode right now... not good for dieting!

So far though, I have been being pretty damn good... am sticking to things that don't add too much to my calorie counter... drank a full pot of raspberry tea, and have eaten an orange, rice cakes, celery and so on ... but I WANT CHOCOLATE. Or fudge. Fudge would be good too.

And I happen to have found one piece in the bottom of my school book box ... but I'm being good. Dammit!

It's raining and cold here today ...was planning to get my plants in now that the garden is all dug, but no such luck.

I did walk to the post office in spite of the rain though. Scrooge didn't much approve, but he came with me anyway. Other than that I've accomplished nothing ... listened to Les Mis twice while doing Entrecard drops and Blog Explosion surfing and that's about it.

Did I mention I want fudge?


  • Stephanie B

    I, personally, am proud of you, flit.

  • Mr. Beer Belly

    What diet are you on? I started the South Beach Diet this past Monday and I've lost about 5 pounds. If you want some chocolate, try one of those sugar free puddings. I had one for a snack today and it's pretty good!

  • Carla Cunningham

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