Grrr...what a waste of time!

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Had done my Entrecard drops in two accounts, in spite of how wonky EC has been today ...should not have bothered.

Was just finishing the second when everything reset to 0. Damn it!

I am pretty close to giving up on the whole EC thing... it is a pretty big time-suck.... crap like this does not change my mind any.


  • Phyl

    I've been following Garden Gnome's links on Twitter, where she reports news about EC. It sounds like Graham at EC and Dave at Td.c could be twins, the way they've behaving. And I saw her mention that EC was acting up and not recording anyone's drops, earlier today. It really does sound like things are getting weird there.

    Which is too bad. I don't use it now, but I love all the blogs I found through it. It's a shame if it goes off the rails.

  • nipsy

    I am this close(wish you could see how close my fingers are together right now) to getting rid of EC as well. I know Blazing Minds did today, she got fed up with it as well.

    What a shame a site cannot function properly.

  • flit

    one thing when it's not monetized - but now that it is, and they are selling ad space, they really need to get their **** together, y'ask me.


    I checked in the forums when I noticed there was a problem - Graham had posted ...didn't say anything about stopping any dropping until it was fixed as we're likely to end up rolling back and you'll lose it all

  • Split Rock Ranch

    I almost decided today to give Entrecard the heave ho after I did my 300 drops and then went back in later and it said I had 0 drops today and they took the credits out that I had earned doing the drops earlier!!!!!!!

  • Kelly B

    I know! I wasted a lot of time over 2 days and now won't be credited for any of those drops! Pissants!

  • Jude

    I agree yesterday was a total waste of time as far as dropping, but even though they didn't register the visit still showed up in my stats so it wasn't a total waste and they still helped my alexa rank.

  • FishHawk

    I lost a thousand accumulated credits, aside from having to go back and redrop, but I still like the kool-aid they're serving. No, as a matter of fact, I don't have a life.

  • sundcarrie

    I have not been using EC too much just a few a day. I have some of my favorite blogs set up in the EC tool bar. I just don't know how people make time for 300 drops a day. I only have one blog and work 30-35 hours a week. I am likely going back to school so I won't have much time for dropping cards if I want time with my husband. Really I don't get a lot of quality visits anyway, but it is good for finding blogs you like.

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