Blue Heron Nests at Matchedash Bay

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well, I tried to post a photoessay on but that doesn't seem to be working so well right now... so I shall post it here instead.

Out hiking again today...not as far as I walked twice this week (18km YAY me) - but it was a lot rougher terrain, so it sure feels like we had a workout.

Matchedash Bay

Hubby took Jess & I to Matchedash Bay to go see where the herons nest. Oh, and of course, Scrooge got to come and play in the muds as well.

trekking through the mud

There is a lookout tower, but there really are too many trees to get a good shot of the nests from there.
Climbing to the top of the lookout tower

A little further, though, and there was a clearing where we took these pictures.

blue heron nests

We did see a heron moving in one of the nests but neither Jess or I was ready at that point. And THEN a heron flew in as we were leaving - my batteries were dead by then though. Next time, hopefully we will get birdie shots. But even without the birds, I thought it was awesome.

For Scrooge's perspective on this outing, check out Scrooge's dog blog.


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