>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well - this I needed like a hole in the head.

Hubby is now officially out of work - all over ONE missed cell phone call.

His boss doesn't LIKE it when his employees don't answer the phone immediately.

It doesn't matter a bit that it is illegal to answer the phone while driving, rude to answer it while talking to customers, and downright dangerous to answer it while climbing a ladder or on a roof.

When the boss calls, the phone must be answered.

And ragging on him when he stopped by there at the end of the day wasn't enough either - the wife called to rag on him some more when he got home last night, which, predictibly, did not go well.

Have been responding to whacked emails from the wife all day - calmly reiterating that hubby did not come into work this morning because he was told - by his boss - that since he had missed the oh so important phone call, there was "no work for him today".

She insisted that he KNEW he had two calls to do today (neither of which are on his work orders - both he and I looked) .... to which I responded that we were running an errand but that he would happily do them when we got back.

We were about 5 minutes out of town when we received an email from her which said

I'm not going to debate anymore, I'm sure you need your health and continue your road to your objective, as I have to concentrate on hopefully a clean bill next week in oncology. If R. had still wanted to work for us he would have appeared today, where we had J. come in at 7 to help him with the 2 calls. We are way past the talking point now, he knew for sure he had calls today as did S. who booked them, M. who was told to stay home and J.who was to go with R. today. We ask that please everything be returned to us today.

At which point, for some reason, hubby decided that he was not going to go talk to the boss, nor was he inclined to do the 2 calls (since that would have required talking to the boss since he had no details whatsoever about them).

They have now apparently decided that it is all my fault that the situation escalated to this point:

R. is an adult and he doesn't need you interfering in his job.If anything your interference prevented him from resolving his problem.Make sure he knows he had a job if he wanted it,I will send M. over tomorrow to pick up the invoice book and Work sheets.That way we can determine what R. is owed, R. will have to pay M. for his service.

Please mind your own business.and stop this from escalating into something ugly.I am sure R. doesn't know what you have done.He has common sense,

My interference, of course, means that since the emails - all 10+ of them were sent to me and addressed to me, I replied to them - reiterating the same few messages over and over no matter how irrational A. became. (And not passing on some of hubby's more angry comments)

So - I guess hubby is going to join the ranks of L's competitors - most of whom left in similar circumstances.

Not at all surprising - but I wish to God they'd waited until after I finished my summer school stuff. I am scheduled to be away for 4 of the next 5 weeks.

This sucks.

But on the other hand, once he gets going, life will be a lot less annoying. And 100% of the income is a hell of a lot better than 40% and a whole lot of aggravation.

And I happen to have picked up a few things about SEO which won't hurt, either. Just keep your fingers crossed that hubby passed his licensing exam, will you? Should hear sometime in the next week or so.


  • Stephanie B

    I got both sets of fingers crossed. Hey, if you want, I'll do a reading for him for while you're gone if you'd like.

    Maybe his will make more sense than yours have.

  • mypublicme

    that sucks...his boss or former boss i should say sounds like a douche

  • Roy

    Ouch! Although you guys seem to think that, other than the timing, this is a good thing. Fingers crossed, toes crossed... Hey, maybe I'll braid my hair, too!

  • Barb Carlson

    I hope things work out for the best for you and hubby. The boss and his wife sound like they're nuts.

  • Laura

    Dang! Just what you guys need. Not.

    I hope your husband passes his exam!

  • Sandy

    What exam is hubby taking? I hope that goes well. Yikes, am sorry to hear he's without employment, during these hard economic times being without a job isn't a good thing. I don't understand why if they didn't want you involved they sent you the emails instead of him? Does your husband have legal recourse? One generally can't be fired on a whim. That is to say, peformance evaluations, probationary periods etc, things have to be documented before somene can fire you at will...will he be getting unemployment? Will you need to drop out of school for awhile due to the $$?

    Wow......so sorry to hear things aren't going well, and will keep toes and fingers crossed that he lands a new job pronto, and or has a good severance package/and or un-employment for awhile.


  • sundcarrie

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for him!

  • Patricia Rockwell

    I know you're in Canada. Does Canada have unemployment insurance? I agree with Sandy, they can't just fire him; he has rights. If he could at least get unemployment benefits, it could help tide you over until he passes his exam.

  • Jude

    I certainly hope things go well for the two of you, it sounds like he'll be better off without those type of people, so sorry he lost his job though, I'm sure he'll pass with flying colors.

  • flit

    We do have it here, but you have to have a certain number of hours in and he is nowhere NEAR meeting the requirement.

    So won't be any insurance for us. But we should be okay ... got lots done today ...and first person he ran into today wanted a card because he has a pest problem.

  • Kelly B

    that's terrible. his boss sounds a lot like my old boss! he put the fear of god in most people to answer the phone and then RUN to get his messages...not I, which is probably why I don't work there anymore....

    I will keep my fingers crossed too!


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