I Am Being SUCH a good girl

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

So ...I decided that tonight I was hungry ... and I went to the fridge and REALLY considered making myself a burger.

No bun ...but I do have very nice frozen burgers that I could have made.

But I decided instead to make myself a salad.

A very nice salad - with black olives and grape tomatoes and a small amount of crumbled blue cheese since I'm out of feta ... and even with all that, it has far fewer calories than the burger would have.

Yay for me.

Hey, did you see the tarot card reading Steph did for hubby (and me)?

And my totally awesome blue heron shot?

And that my mom posted another article about knitting and my baby FINALLY got 'round to posting a new article? The old kid says she's got a plan for a new post too but hasn't got to it yet.

Now I'm off to go see what else Steph posted on Rocket Scientist... oh geez, is it Thursday already?


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