New Business Start Up - in Record Time

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

Well...when we decide to do something, we don't mess around, hubby & I.

Thanks to the fact that hubby already had a business we are able to get up & running with very little lead time. We already have PST & GST numbers... waiting on his license - but that should get here any day... and in the meantime, we've got a good start on a webpage for Cottage Country Pest Control, and I'm working on backlinks, of course :)

One of our biggest advantages over DH & co. is that we have a whole lot more skill when it comes to the Internet and SEO - also, a much higher level of computer skills to handle the office management and organization end of things. I had made a database for DH but he ended up firing R. before I ever gave it to him guess who will be using it now?

We also have our old video store database that includes a whole lot of customers that know R. well and will likely be willing to support him in his new venture .... will be having Tamara come up next week to do some telemarketing for us.

He's just back from picking up the equipment he needs to get started; the product is on its way, and we've already got a couple of customers lined up - - - so DH & co. can just go f.....well, I won't say it...but you can probably guess.

Stephanie even did a tarot card reading for R. re: his new business venture.

I wish I wasn't going to be away so much over the next month ...and that I didn't have so darn much of my own work to do ... but oh well... will get through ...and hopefully even enjoy myself while I'm away.

Tomorrow I'm off to Ottawa to attend The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and to meet with my new employers at the National Archives of Canada about the project I will be working on .... then on Thursday I will be heading to Brampton to stay at my sister's and meet with some people about my research project on Friday. Hubby will pick me up there and bring me home for a week and then on June 6 he'll take me back, as that is the day my sister & I fly out to Victoria BC for a week long course in Digital Editing (for me; sis gets to do whatever she wants while I'm in class).

I expect I'll find time to do some blogging while I'm gone ... taking both my netbook and my Roger's stick with me... but doubt I'll manage to keep up my Entrecard dropping. But we'll see.

Anyway ... time to go figure out what I need to take with me and what the heck I'm going to put it in!


  • Roy

    Wow! When things get rolling around you, they roll fast! Best of luck.

  • Ms Terri

    Wow, that was fast! Congrats on getting everything going so quickly!

  • Roy

    Huh! I just went and looked at the CCPC website. I want a bat box! Not because I have a problem with bats, but to have bats nearby so I can watch them. Yeah, I know - ultimate nature freak. I can't help it!

  • Laura

    Wow! You guys really are taking off already!

    I meant to ask you before, but could you tell me where I could find more info about the Roger stick? Is it a Canadian only item?

  • Stephanie B

    You're incredible, but then, you knew that already.

  • Anonymous

    Hi I just stopped by to drop on your Entrecard and wanted to let you know that you have been added to Blog Angel's All Above the Crease Drop List . I created the list because I was sick of wasting time trying to find people's Ecards. You and everyone on the list has their Entrecards in an easy to find location. Stop by and check it out.

  • Sherri

    Flit - congrats on your new business venture! It's always nice to earn money doing something that helps people. No one wants creepy, crawly critters in their house! Thanks for you comment on my blog asking if we are all doing okay. We are, I'm just so swamped right now. Every night when I get home, the kids have some kind of activity or I have yard work to do. I'm also trying to figure out how to start my own self-hosted blog. Things will start to calm down a little with the kids' activities and they are reducing our hours at work. Hopefully, a month or two after I get my new blog going, I can just work on two blogs and let two go (guess which ones that will be!). My new blog will be about caregiving.

  • flit

    Laura, I'm sure there must be ISPs in the US that offer a similar device.

    Both Rogers and Bell have them here - it just looks like a flash drive; goes into the USB port and gets me online using cell phones...right now we are driving through the Muskokas (cottage country Ontario) and I'm still connected.

  • Kelly B

    That's so great! Congrats! I hope it all goes smoothly. And have fun on your trip!


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