Congress 2009 Day 1

>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well, not day 1 for Congress, actually ...they started without me...can you imagine the nerve? here wasn't too bad except that for about 2 hours, through a whole lotta rock up in the Muskokas and so on, I was entirely without cell phone service - and no cell phone also equals no Roger's Internet, also. No big deal though.

We stopped at a place called Moose Inn outside Bancroft for lunch; it was good enough... nothing fancy - not in the decor or the menu ...but the food was good and reasonably priced. Some things were actually way cheap compared to most places.... adding extra bacon or an egg to a breakfast would only cost an extra .50 for example... wouldn't find that anywhere in Barrie or Midland.

We got to Ottawa at about 4 p.m....stopped at a Home Depot that we happened to see on the way in. We had actually spent altogether WAY too much time in the Midland store last night and walked out empty handed after we couldn't find anything we needed - or anyone with a clue who might have been able to help us sort through the millions of possible pipe fittings to get the right ones for what R. wanted to do.

The Ottawa store is bigger - AND they have staff that actually have a clue! We got all the WMD R. needs for his new business... at least all the stuff he's going to start with. He'd got a really good deal on a sprayer elsewhere, but the hose that came with it was way too short... now he's got 100ft to play with. And his own extension pole and so on. He headed home after I was all registered and checked in so that he'll have tomorrow to ~play~ with his new stuff.

Me, I'm looking forward to attending several sessions tomorrow ...some of them are going to be pretty tight...they are in separate buildings and one ends at the time the next one starts, but still... hope to be able to duck out just a few minutes early and get to the next one on time. Usually there is time for questions at the end .... and those, I often dont mind missing. In my experience, those questions often turn out to be more than a little self-serving... people ask questions not because they want to know something but because they want to show off what THEY know.... and if they can claim to know more than the presenter in some way, they are often all over that.

I have little patience for those sorts of games anyway ... so ducking out and heading off to the next session might work.

Sure wish whoever is in the shower would hurry the hell up. I want to go to bed...but now with all that running water.... someone was in the second washroom too when I checked.

Residence living is SUCH fun. Not.


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