Congress 2009 Day 2

>> Sunday, May 24, 2009

Was up bright and early this morning...between the rock hard beds and the noise levels here, there really wasn't much point to staying in bed. Went to the breakfast buffet - it comes with the room. Wasn't bad... lots that I can eat on my diet... and tons of fruit to take for later if we wanted, which was nice.

Of course, I didnt actually get around to eating my fruit... was far too busy socializing for that.

First session I went to was a bit disappointing. It was to be on the development of French-Canadian Literature and Canadian literature as autonomous entities - and it may well have been in fact...but I couldn't tell since, even though there was no "In French" in the brochure or on the website, it most assuredly was presented en francais.

I was able to follow the first half or so ...but once I lost the thread I couldn't get it back, and rather than frustrate myself no end, I gave it up and exited via the back door.

I then went over to hear Joseph Gold speak - I wrote about 2 of his publications - Read For Your Life and The Story Species on flit's Canadian fiction today. Dr. Hoi Cheu, who was one of my prof's at Laurentian - actually my only Sudbury campus prof - was there. Ended up spending most of the day with the crew from the Bibliotherapy Association (which I am joining).... lots and lots of connections and common research areas there.

After Jo-Ann Episkenew's book launch I was invited to join them for a drink at the beer tent (I had OJ - aren't I a good girl? Not really - just happened to have spent all my $$ on books LOL) ... and then we continued on and went out for dinner. I LOVE Indian food ...had a bowl of Dal (soup) and a lamb curry. Probably over on calories for the day. My bad.

By the time I got back here I was exhausted - my eyes were just burning...thought I'd manage a fairly early night... haven't though, unfortunately.

Alarm is still set for 6 suppose I should at least try to get some rest. Tomorrow I'm off to meet with the EMiC/Archive people that I'll be working with.... and then when I get back will hook up with the bibliotherapy group again ... going out for dinner.... have to find the directions to the restaurant and take them with me just in case I don't have time to come back to the cell/residence between outings.


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