Home Again ... for a bit

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, I'm home again ...actually ended up at home a day earlier than I expected - which, while a tad stressful at the time, was very nice.

Not that I got much WORK on my papers done in that extra day .... I didn't... but I got some work done on our new pest control business which presumably means that now I shall be better able to focus and get down to work on my stuff. At least that's the plan.

Tamara is here to help Ross with all things pest-related (how appropriate) and I'm going to spend today catching up on some blogs and getting Chapter One of my Major Research Paper written. And then tomorrow will be Chapter Two and the next day Chapter Three.... ha! Not likely to actually get all that done in only three days ...but I can try :)

I actually feel like I have pretty much everything I need. I've done my interviews, read scads and scads of resources, and written several essays related to my topic... it's all in there... it's now just a matter of spitting it out and making it sound academic enough ... to be a major research paper. Funny how once you DO all that research and spend a year talking and thinking about one topic, when you sit down to write it, it just doesn't SEEM new & interesting enough to bother.

But that's just me. The rest of the world, presumably, has not spent the entire last year focused on this one topic... so now is my opportunity to pull it all together and tell them all about it. Of course, on the other hand, I could decide that they haven't spent the last year focused on it because they didn't really shive a git...but that seems counter productive :)

Alrighty... time to quit thinking about writing it and actually get to work.


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