Another Reason to Love Living in Cottage Country

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was outside talking to my sister in law and her husband today and this is what we saw in the field immediately across the street from my house.

I love cottage country!


  • Stephanie B


  • Patricia Rockwell

    I live on a lake and we have some wonderful critters too, but I could never get photos like you do. What is your photographic secret?

  • Anne

    What a beautiful deer. The deer in our neighborhood drive our dog insane. They stand across the street where he can't reach and taunt him.

  • flit

    I have a Kodak camera, Patricia... it does a lot of the work for me... I also have a tripod, which I used to use a lot with my previous camera - that one broked and when I sent it in for repairs they sent me a POS replacement that runs through batteries like they're going out of style... so it really doesn't work with the tripod, since I can't use the viewer or I have to replace the batteries every few shots.

    Hopefully I'll get a new one for Christmas this year.

  • Lynne

    Beautiful shot! We really miss seeing deer around the neighborhood since moving to north Texas. They are so much fun to watch.

  • Lola

    We were coming home from Walmart tonight and all of a sudden my son yells "deer!" WTH? We were on Route 30 (a major road) and it just ran across the 4 lanes and then ran across the Metra tracks. Where the deer came from it had to have just crossed Interstate 80. Lucky deer!

  • Mike

    Very pretty - it was like it just stopped and said 'take my picture'!

  • Phyl

    That's simply beautiful, Flit. You really are lucky.

  • Sherri

    Beautiful picture! Deer are lovely, graceful creatures. I love to watch them.

  • JD at I Do Things

    Beautiful! We live in a pretty populated area, but there are lots of forest preserves around, so we occasionally see a deer every now and then. To me, it's as magical as seeing a unicorn.

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