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>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

So far so good! I have been able to meet my goal of posting a daily article on both Flitting on Fiction and Back to School for Grownups... and to drop my daily 300 Entrecards as well.

On Flitting on Fiction, articles include

Back to School for Grownups
has mostly been about

Have not got to flitting.org....will try to get an update about our ongoing difficulties with TD CanadaTrust up there sometime this weekend, though.

Another new blog that you might be interested is Ask Me Anything, which is Stephanie, the rocket scientist's latest .... well worth a visit.

Also, if you happen to be a grad student ... or might want to be one someday, why not stop by The Grad Cafe? I'm really enjoying the interaction there...and learning a lot about universities in the US in the process, which I think will help me to do a better job of Back to School for Grownups.


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