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>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

I already have a number of them... and didn't really want another...but in order to use the gmail address I use in Firefox (which I don't want to change because it is connected to my Adsense and other various tools) to comment on other people's blogs without having to sign in all the time....

So .... if you've landed here through a comment I happened to make on your blog, welcome... but I'm not really here :)

I am over here, or here, or here ....

My most popular blog is Back to School for Grownups. It is intended for non-traditional or mature students, and includes support, resources, and me babbling on about my own experiences as a non-traditional student. I've got 2 college diplomas and a university degree, am working on my Masters in English (Public Texts) ...and in the fall will be continuing on to do a doctorate in Canadian Studies at Trent University, which I am very excited about.

My research interests centre around the function of fiction, especially for adolescents and emerging adults, and that is the focus of my second blog, flitting on fiction. It includes ~stuff~ about my own research, as well as book reviews and chat about specific topics I'm studying...right now, that means Canadian Literature, publics, and issues of viral contagion.

Both of those are blogs - which means that I am paid for my blogging. You can be too. The deal right now is that new bloggers start out being paid $2 for every 1000 unique visitors to your blog... but there are bonuses to earn, affiliate products to sell (for which you receive payment), and regular reviews which can result in bloggers being promoted to the pay per post plan, which pays $1 (or more) for the first 100+ word post you submit each day. I don't earn enough to live on through ...but I make a heck of a lot more there than I do with adsense on my own blog.

And last - well okay ... not really last - but last among my active blogs - is, which is where I blog about whatever happens to be on my mind after I finish posting on my more theme oriented blogs. Most recently, that seems to include a lot of ranting about the incredibly poor interactions I've had with the thieves at Nor-Don Collections and the incompetent people at TD CanadaTrust.

Or you might find me on Twitter, or Technorati, Orkut, Facebook, or StumbleUpon.

Or, if you happen to be on Gather, here.


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