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>> Friday, March 12, 2010

Tanya, from http://www.idonotlikethisjob.com/ stopped by and asked why I wasn't writing (along with a compliment, even; thanks for that). Good question!

I am doing a LOT of writing these days ...but most of it is academic. Right now, for example, I am working on:

  • a 10 - 12 page paper about Falling Angels (the book and film adaptation)
  • a 30ish page proposal for my dissertation
  • a 25ish page paper about Grey Owl (again, books --> movie adaptations)
  • a short paper about 9/11 (have to read about 30 academic articles for that one)
  • 2 10 page conference papers

All of these are due by the middle of April at the latest!

I also have a bunch of other projects that I need/want to get to - 20 student essays to mark, my own papers that need rewriting so that I can submit them for possible publication, a YA novel to finish, and a couple of book projects on the go... oh, and also need to get back to doing some marketing for my husband's business.

So.... in other words, I am writing... just (mostly) not here!

Loving grad school for the most part - but wow, they keep me busy right now!

Not too much longer of this level of ~stuff~ though....soon I'll be through the coursework, and then perhaps I will get back to more regular blogging.


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