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>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wow.... I have done a lot of work lately!

Just reading the list I posted - and realizing how over-whelming it all felt -I'm taking a moment to be amazed with myself.

It is all done - well, not quite - one conference paper yet to finish - but most of that is done too; just need to pull out some stuff about surveillance and toss in some stuff about strip searches. As I wrote the first paper, I planned the second out as it won't take too long.

Unless, of course, I get caught up in fussing- who, me?! LOL

And of course, I don't have actual marks back from any of it yet! Will be nice when those come back and I can breathe a big sigh of relief and know that I made it through my first year of doctorate studies.

Doing 3 conferences this month. This weekend I will be in Edmonton at the University of Alberta's Confining the Unbound Society conference. The Human Condition (Eros) conference is not very far from home, so will commute for that one. And then at the end of the month it is off to Montreal, for the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. I am looking forward to attending sessions offered by the Association for Bibliotherapy and Applied Literature (ABAL), and then moving onto some of the Canadian Law and Society offerings.

I am presenting papers at the first two, not at Congress - was just swamped with schoolstuff at the time that the calls for papers were coming out and didn't make time to hunt down the ones I was specifically interested in. Had expected that ABAL would send a mailing - and no doubt they did, but my membership application got lost, so I wasn't on the list to receive it. Oh well... next year!

And there we go - just got word that my one free weekend this month is now also booked - our end of year meeting got post-poned so had to be rescheduled.

And once I get through all this stuff, June 4 is my convocation re: my Masters.

So ...coursework maybe done ...but still busy :)


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