>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heard today that an acquaintance died.

Not a close friend or anything like that - but someone that I got to know on Gather.com - and someone that did not have to experience the crap he did over the last couple of years - nor die so needlessly now.

If he were Canadian ... or English or Austrailian or... well, you get the idea ... had he been so fortunate as to have been born in a country that provides health care to its citizens... he would more than likely NOT have lost his leg, nor would he be gone now.

He was not poor enough to qualify for medical care - not until his diabetes was allowed to go unchecked for so long that he was in crisis. THEN he got treatment - until he was stable.

But hey, the crisis was over, right? Who the hell cares that further problems are pretty much 100% likely unless he gets ongoing care ...when he hits another crisis, THEN we'll help again.

Had he received support and basic care on an ongoing basis, chances are he'd still be here.... but no..... he was American, poor bastard.

I don't get it. Where is the saving?

I highly doubt that the cost of regular monitoring and insulin was less than the cost of the crisis care and rehab he received when he did hit that point - repeatedly.

How much did it save?

Not his leg. Not his life.

I have other friends in the US who are without health care - some with serious issues that won't be dealt with until they hit that crisis point where someone might give a damn. Chances are, by then, it will be too late. Again.

And in the meantime, they go about their daily lives - always with the knowledge of the ticking time bombs they carry in the back of their minds.

I do not understand why you people put up with it.

I REALLY do not understand why there are so many people that not only put up with it, but actually will go out of their way to defend it.

Sad. And infuriating.


  • Stephanie B

    You know I'm not one of them. Oh, I'm an American, but I'm as passionate on this as you are.

  • Roy

    Yeah, I heard about Rob today too; he and my almost-best-Gather-buddy Arleen were fairly close, and after he lost his leg she used to drive him around on errands and such. That stopped after she had to move out of the area due to the economic situation. It's always disheartening to hear stories like this and watch the fat cats in DC rake in the money from the vested interests at the same time. Such a waste!

  • Sue (Someone's Mom)

    I am also broken-hearted about Rob. He could drive me crazy, but he really did have a good heart. I'm still in shock about this news.

  • flemisa

    Sorry to hear about your friend's death.

    A good example of the state of the Health System and yet nothing seems to change the minds of those in power. It makes you wonder what the world is heading towards when Me becomes so much more important than anyone else.

  • Anne

    I am so sorry the hear about your friend. Unfortunately, there are many people who are more interested in furthering political interests at the expense of the country. They make up things to scare others who don't know too much about it. People are afraid of change and what it might bring.

  • Shakespeare

    At least the House has passed health legislation, even though it was too late to save him. I hope something good comes out of this. I hope, in the interests of getting a compromise, too little is done.

    No one should have to die because he is too poor to afford health care.

  • sundcarrie

    First I want to say I am so sorry about your friend.
    There are a lot of bad things about our health care system but I have heard just as many about government run health care. Like there being a serious lack of specialists, I know someone from England her daughter was very sick and it took her months to see someone the girl lost like 50 pounds. Some of the things they are proposing are just as bad they will still treat people on a need basis. They will give treatment to the people they think will benefit most from it. I suppose the worst part about a gov run health care plan is the irresponsibility of our government in everything else we have given them to run. They have proven over and over again that they don't really care about the people anymore.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Just a quick comment...yes as Americans we can get help even if we have to fight for it. Pride stands in the way of many going to free clinics. However, to a country that should take care of healt problems we are low on the list. I too get angry at some of the decisions that are made, I did not know your friend but I am just getting around to my many favorites on BC and read this, I am sorry for the loss.

  • The Disney Dream

    It was very sad to hear about your friend. His death was way premature and absolutely unnecessary. If only he could have received propper medical care.

  • Kathleen Kaufman

    I get beyond frustrated with the health care system here in the US - and the utter denial of the hysterics who want to pretend that it's not broken. I will never understand the hypocrisy of accepting socialist police/fire/school/library programs but freaking out when we suggest applying the same principal to healthcare. I have a theory that those who defend our current broken system have never had to use it.

  • tanya

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Why aren't you writing though, you do it so well.
    I'm a Brit and have been living in the US for a few years. I hear your frustration. It infuriates me too.

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