A Guest Post from Mandy - Cartwheels

>> Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today I came to my Auntie Lee and Ross’s new house. After everyone was finished eating and it was dessert time, me and my cousin Tamara (the most awesome person in the world...she made me put that), were doing cartwheels, round offs and handstands in the front yard. I was also doing some flips that Tamara could not figure out how I was doing them. I’m just that talented. Tamara was also trying to teach me how to do a back bridge from standing—I can do them, just from laying down first. But she was helping me and now I can do them as long as I have someone supporting me.

I had fun, but I kept falling and now I’m pretty sure I have lots of bruises. Doing gymnastics is a lot different than hockey or soccer especially hockey cus you have all the padding and when playing goal you actually want to fall and hit the ice to stop the puck (cus I’M THE WALL!!!!)

Overall I had fun and it was nice to see everyone and to hang out with them.

By the Wonderful Mandy! Aka. She’s awesome!


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