Made out of Awesome

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm borrowing Tamara's expression again - I am, today, made out of awesome!

Not only have I lost 62lbs since April of this year - today I rode my bike all the way from my home to our lawyer's office in Midland ON - that is a distance of 10km (or 6.2 miles) - and is WAY beyond the distance I've gone before.

The house is Peterborough is almost ready for occupation - we've cleaned everything, painted the downstairs and most of the attic - there are a couple of bedrooms on the second floor that will be done this week, and other than that, pretty much everything that needs doing is up in my attic, which will be getting all new flooring, and needs a desk and some other furniture.

We have 2 confirmed tenants, 1 unconfirmed, and several more lined up to come and have a look tomorrow and Saturday.

I'm really happy with how it is all going. And still lots of time before school starts back (8 Sept. for me)


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