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>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

There's a reason this blog is called Just Flitting.

So - we finally got the mortgage sorted out - in fact, we ended up with mortgages and $$ coming up the ying yang.

At one point, our lawyer called and asked which we were actually planning to use, as they were getting extras showing up in their office - in one case, even one that we didn't know we had. We had talked to the guy about it, but hadn't heard anything back before the lawyer called. So that was all good.

But then we got hung up by the lawyer representing the seller who decided he didn't like the earlier closing date we had agreed on - and not only that, he couldn't be bothered to respond to any of the letters my lawyer kept sending him because of course, I was calling their office to ask what the hell was going on.

That too got sorted out - and at this point, we're a go for 9:30 a.m. to meet with our lawyer, cough up our $$, and then the house will officially be ours.

The plan is to come home, pick up the mutt and his blankie, and head down there later in the day - got some errands to run and packing to do and ~stuff~ .... but then we should be good to go. I've got everything all organized at that end - hydro, gas, all that fun stuff. Phone & Internet get installed on Tuesday; TV on Thursday. We will need to do something about a bed pretty quickly - there are a few old couches left behind but you couldn't pay me to sleep on those - ick! Most of them are to be tossed - there's one that we might hang on to ...depending on how well it cleans up.

I'm rolling right along with school/work stuff - handed in major research paper last week, and also the archive material I had to get done up for the digitization project (theirs, not mine). Today I've been scanning scads of material for mine - that's due by the end of the month so need to get cracking on it. I also received the book that I've been proofreading back for a final proof - finished that earlier today. Yay me! This was my second time through it - not too many things to catch, but some. Tomorrow I'll drop it in to the author's office and he's going to give it a look, then the files can be annotated and fired back to the copyeditor in India. (I'll do that when he's done; won't take long).

Was asked to take on another research assistant position in addition to the archives one, and am up to date on that one too - need to get more files for both RA positions before I can do any more work on them. It's a good place to be - although it would be even better if we'd got things sorted out so that I was actually getting PAID for my work already. Got to go back in and sign more papers before that can happen. *sigh* I detest hoopjumping - especially when the hoops are set 250km away from where I live and I can't drive myself yet. Even though the doc wrote the letter to give me my licence back, MTO is not inclined to actually DO anything about that yet :(

So the only thing outstanding, really, is the new house - which needs a major cleaning and painting, some outside work, furnishing - oh yeah, and we need four tenants too. And the digital archives project that I'm doing for the EMiC course in editing that I did earlier this summer. That is well underway - really, could have it done today, if it weren't for the fact that I'm so stinking HOT I can't see straight - and for the one section that I have yet to write on my editing theory and practices. It's so much easier to just DO what you think is right - having to actually explain it - and how it fits into various editing theories - that's a whole lot harder! Well worth doing, I'm sure - but I wish I'd written it up while we were still AT the course; I had a lot more theory still in my brain then. I have, as my mom would say, slept since then; it's all gone.

Both my kids are working now. Jess has taken on more responsibility and more hours at the day care she works at, and Tamara finally got a job!!!! It's only temporary at this point - she's working at a college bookstore - but I am hopeful that good things will come of it. And if nothing else, hopefully she'll be liking that pay cheque thing enough to be extra motivated to find another one when she's done.

What else is new & exciting? Oh yeah... we finally got our new bathroom (almost) done - it looks SO much better now. And now Ross is panelling the entire living room and my office which is kind of a pain - a BIG pain - because he's making me move all of my books out of his way and that is a monster job. I'm sure I'll be thrilled when he gets past the 2 bookshelves on my right and wants to move my desks and stuff too ... and then there are 2 more bookshelves - one which is huge and covers the entire wall which will all have to be cleared off and moved too. Yuck.

The panelling looks great though - except now I don't like the blinds we have any more - they are bamboo and they look dumb with the pine panelling. Seriously!


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