Working Outside

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've pretty much made my deck my new office this week.... got everything set up just right - my laptop is on its stand on a chair in front of my chair; a table to the right for the mouse and my ashtray and drink (I'm drinking a lot of flavoured water these days) and another chair to the left has my stack of books and so on...

Scrooge spends most of the day out here with me, either lying on the deck, or wandering out to the other deck to sunbathe. There are hummingbirds too, that come to the feeder on and off all day, often sitting on the clothesline between dips into the feeder.

It would be nice to have the summer off and not have so many papers to write and so much work to do - but since THAT isn't happening, this is about the next best thing.


  • Sherri

    That is awesome! Nature can be inspiring and relaxing. Working out like that is better than having a pretty picture or nice window view by your desk. I love to bring out my laptop to either the porch or deck. Thank goodness for wireless internet!

    P.S. I finally hit payout from "you know where." I'll be sharing my story soon...

  • Stephanie B

    And WHO may I ask keeps volunteering for more work so you can't just goof off all summer? Hmm?

  • BeadedTail

    With a view like that, I'd work outside too! I'd probably find myself daydreaming though or watching Scrooge or the hummingbirds but the fresh air would be wonderful!

  • Will

    Yeah - Nice view! I saw from your comment on another site you are looking for a house in Peterborough. I thought "wow I wonder if we know each other"? Then I see you are in Canada, not NH. Never knew there was one in Ontario.

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