>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

I work better when I have deadlines - but right now, I think I have a few too many of the darn things!

The biggest one that's looming is that I have to have my major research paper done by the end of the month (sooner would be better). It needs to get to my advisor so that she can read/edit it before August 14, by which date I need a letter saying that I have completed all requirements for my MA degree so that I can be admitted into my Phd program.

More immediately, though, I have committed to read at the Leacock Festival reading on Tuesday night and I really wanted to come up with something new to read! Doesn't seem right to go away for a year to do a master's degree and not have anything new to read - although I do have stories I have never done publicly, so if worse comes to worse .... I might end up taking Stephanie's suggestion and reading "Leaving" - but honestly, I don't know if I could DO that one without choking up. If I don't come up with something new, I'll have to though, won't I? The one thing I will NOT do is a total cop out - I won't read anything that I have done at readings before. Anyway ...we'll see.

I also have several more chapters - and appendices (which no one mentioned) to proofread - and those are all due back to the copy-editor by the 27th. That one is not too onerous though - it's a job that I can do while we're driving to Peterborough and back to look for houses.

The buying a house thing is huge, of course .... especially given that the city we're supposed to be buying a house in is 2.5 hours from home - it does get complicated! We're doing our second round of showings this afternoon, and there is one house that Ross is really, really enthusiastic about - so hopefully it will be perfect and we can just go ahead and make an offer on it while we're there today. Wouldn't that be nice! Won't likely happen that way, but I can dream.


  • Stephanie B

    Here's hoping. Focus on you MRP and the rest will work out.

  • Sandy

    Good luck with the house, buying a house can be very stressful, the distance does make it harder. My daughter is here with us now. She lived for 2 years in Baltimore and will be moving back to St. Louis...big distance there. We're sorta in the middle? Anyway, her friend is in the process of buying a house, and there is lots of back and forth going on.


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