Buying a House

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

So - it took one more trip .... and we had a bit of drama (isn't there always?) but we just heard that our final offer was accepted and we have ourselves a house.

I'm very happy about it - it is a BIG house ...with an apartment upstairs for me, and 4 rooms downstairs to rent to students. Lots of room - in addition to everything else one might expect, there is a large room adjacent to the kitchen ... used to be the summer kitchen; now it's a pantry/storage room.

We won't be living there full time, of course - we love our house on Georgian Bay in Victoria Harbour - but now I have a place to be when I have to be in Peterborough - and if all goes well, we should come out - if not ahead of the game financially - at least not short 4 years of rent paid to someone else.

This makes house #3 - which is a bit intimidating ... but it's the first one that we are buying together (assuming financing, insurance and inspection go through, but they should) .... and it is the first house ever with my name on the deed.

Me! I am going to own part of a house! And have tenants. And stained glass windows.

I am just a wee bit excited!


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