>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everything seemed to be sorted out for the house - but then today the mortgage broker started to be difficult. She's frustrating me no end. She told us that we were approved for the first mortgage (on the house we live in here in the Harbour) and that the second on the new house would be no problem - but now she's making like nothing is approved and she isn't likely to be able to get it all done in time and she "needs 5 full business days" to pull everything together.

But a/ she didn't bother to tell us that and b/ WE had everything in by Monday - not our fault she took Tuesday off and didn't call us until Wednesday (late) to say she needed the realtor to fax her a better copy of the offer).

And now she wants my name off of the offer (and the deed) which no one else - not us, or the realtor - wants, or think is necessary.

Put a call into the lawyer that is handling the whole thing for us supposedly to check with him, but no answer there. Left voicemail.

Left voicemail for 3 insurance agents, 1 insurance adjuster about my accident claim (they screwed it up), the realtor, someone at school that called me and wanted me to call her back, the inspection guy's wife who is supposed to be faxing us with the inspection report, and .... there are probably others as well.

The point, of course, being that NO ONE answers their phone, no one bothers to call back and I do not have the time or the energy to wait patiently. I have work to do but it's not getting done because I can't stinking CONCENTRATE with all this stress and aggravation. I'm trying. But.


  • Stephanie B

    This stuff is never easy. Never. When it sounds too easy, I know something's coming.

    It may not seem like it to you, because you have such a short fuse, but it has gone incredibly smoothly and quick so far. My mind is boggled. You're much closer than it could be already. Keep on them, note that every other headache has worked itself out, within hours/days in some cases, and focus on what you have to do.

  • Roy

    What Steph said! Like her, I'm amazed at how well and quickly this has been proceeding. It may seem like it's long and dragged out to you, but compared to other horror stories I've either read about or personally witnessed, yours has gone very well indded!

  • flit

    Mortgage stuff seems to be back on track - I called her and ~innocently~ wondered if I should be going back to the bank we had planned to deal with if she wasn't going to be able to get it sorted in time.

  • Stephanie B

    You have no idea how lucky you are. Seriously!

  • flit

    finally found 2 insurance brokers in Peterborough area that were actually willing to give me quotes.

    One company actually told me that they "aren't doing quotes at all this week". Would I like them to call me sometime next week? Uh no. No thanks.

  • JD at I Do Things

    Argh! I was feeling sorry for you until I read the comments. It's hard to remember back to 11 years ago when we bought our house, but I do recall things going pretty smoothly. But that didn't keep me from stressing out. It's just an anxiety-filled process, no matter how you slice it. Hang in there!

  • Sandy

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Are you saying you'll own both houses? So perhaps she feels one should be in your name and the other in your hubby's? I'm not sure I understand the problem otherwise, but hope it gets resolved quickly for you.

    I appreciate all who added their signatures to Janet's dedication page.


  • chubskulit

    Hope your agent can fix everything for you..

    following your blog now..

  • sailor

    Oh oh, sounds like you need to fire your agent already.. goodluck!

    I am your follower now.. Hope you can visit sometimes..

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