Getting Down To Work

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

Well...I didn't QUITE make my goal of writing 10 pages ...but I have 9, so it's a start, anyway.

I also went for a long walk this evening... could have kept going but the skitters were getting obnoxious so I turned back... but even so, it was a good hour and a half.

Called a real estate agent in Peterborough; left a message with her secretary, but no call back yet. Hope she doesn't take too long... we're hoping to go look at the one apartment we're interested in sooner rather than later, and would be good to meet with her during the same trip.

My brother called this afternoon; he's working in this area this week so is going to come by tomorrow after work. I'm making scallops and shrimp on the BBQ ...with baby potatoes and mushrooms and whatever else looks good. Don't know that Greek salad goes with BBQ seafood so well, but got the fixings for that too, so will probably make it.

Just got to get 10 more good pages written before he gets here, is all!


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