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>> Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer school is done - well, not really - but the coursework part is.

So now I'm home again and sitting at my own desk and trying to sort out where to start - I do have a few ~minor~ projects on my to do list right now.

First up is to write a proposal for the editing project for the EMiC course - I know that I want to DO an editing project rather than just writing a research paper - and that I want to include a digital component - but haven't yet decided on which of PK Page's works to tackle. I'm going with PK Page mostly because I happen to have photocopies of the first half of box 1 of the National Archives holdings for her work - that would be because of the next thing on my To Do list, which is to pull together the information I have from multiple sources into the 2 forms I need to fill out for their digitization.

It simplifies things somewhat if I work with materials I have rather than a project that requires a visit to an archive that I can't get to easily given my lack of transportation.

I do, however, have one archive trip planned for this coming week, so I could potentially choose one of their authors to work with - but Page makes sense to me, and since I do have the Research Assistantship for that project, learning as much as I can about her work makes sense.

My trip to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library next week is to look at the materials related to one particular author and write a short case study for the Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing project, which is due by mid-July.

So - are you keeping track?

So far I have:

  • 4 page proposal; June 28
  • 800 word case study; July 15
  • 20 page editing project; July 31
  • digitization project, stage 1; ASAP (today would be good)

That would probably be enough to keep me busy, but I also have a ~few~ other things on my list including:

I'm probably forgetting something.... but that will do for now!


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