Trying to Watch HOUSE

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh sure! Now that House is over, the guys have gone outside. I have been gritting my teeth in frustration for the last half an hour or so - one of hubby's friends came over to chat, which is fine...

or was, as long as he stayed in the kitchen, where hubby was doing dishes, and chatted out THERE.

But then he decided to come sit in the living room - in the chair closest to the television - and talk to hubby through the cut out in the wall instead. Not TOO annoying!

House ended and THEN they go outside to unload our new (and free?!) central air unit from the truck to the garage. That's what buddy does - heating and cooling - apparently a unit fell of a truck or something. Which is nice - but they should have gone and unloaded it before and let me watch my show in peace, don't you think?

Scrooge & I went for our walk today - I thought I'd try it without taking Tylenol3s to head off the back pain before I went. Took a couple of regular Tylenol's instead. Bad idea. Really need to do something about the back pain - it is severely limiting my ability to get the exercise I need to get to help with my weight loss. And besides that, it irks me!

Made another pot of tomato sauce today - it is quickly becoming a staple around here. I use tinned tomatoes (with no salt added) and add lots of veggies and seasoning. I use it to poach my (allowed) egg in the morning cuz I'm tired of boring eggs... and quite often also use it with my lunch/dinner portion of meat .... it makes it seem like more.

Dang... he got my hopes up ...said he was leaving, but got talking again ... *sigh*

We get up at 6 a.m. these days...I'm about done in...REALLY not inclined to be even minimably sociable any more tonight.


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