Just Flitting through my first week off

>> Friday, May 1, 2009

After several years of year round school, I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself now that I have time off.

I'm figuring it out.

Scrooge and I have walked a lot this week .... expanding my distance, and picking up speed. My back has been really bothering me, especially when I walk, which is a pain - but for now, I'm taking pain killers before I go... but I am also considering going to a chiropracter to see if they might be able to help.

I would rather fix the problem than take pills.

Hubby is too busy with work this time of year to be running me all over to appointments, so I talked to my sister in law... she and her husband both go regularly, so I will try their chiropracter and hopefully book to go at the same time.

Went shopping with a friend yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I bought a new shirt and a dress - both made out of a wonderful cotton that I just love. I also found a pair of dressier shoes that work with my orthotics - I need my orthotics, so that is always a consideration. I paid more for that one pair of shoes than I have EVER paid for shoes - but I am really happy with them. Having to wear ankle high walking shoes for most things is one thing, but it will be nice to have at least one pair that I can wear for dress-up.

I also bought a floppy hat that I really like - except for the fact that it kept blowing off my head today! I guess I should have got one with strings - might have to add some. It is not a big deal for walking, but I would hate to lose it in the lake when I go out fishing. Or, if my back can handle it, just rowing.

My diet is still going well - ate some dry ribs @ Boston Pizza yesterday while we were out that I probably shouldn't have ...was not a happy surprise when I added them to my-calorie-counter!!

But I didn't bother kicking myself too much - just made it a lighter dinner, and back on track today.

I have lost 25lbs so far - I'm sure some of that was water and it will probably slow down some - but I'm proud of my success anyway, and motivated to keep going... I need my drivers license back!

Anyway, other than walking and eating watermelon and celery and cantaloupe and radishes, I've managed to get a good start on organizing my bookshelves. I have also started writing my major research paper even though I am still waiting for feedback from my advisor and from the ethics board at the university. The first section, discussing emerging adults as a market segment, can be done without the research interviews, so might as well get going on it. I am also almost finished reading Stephanie the rocket scientist's latest novel, which some publisher should hurry up and publish.

And now I'm off to go beat up my pork tenderloin for dinner - I want schnitzel ... so I am making schnitzel (with melba toast crumbs cuz I'm allowed melba toast).


  • mypublicme

    you actually ENJOYED shopping? who are you and what have you done to my mother? lol

    did ya buy anything for me? lol

  • Shakespeare

    Fabulous! You kept really busy, I can see. And there is NO way that you lost 25 lbs. of water. Impossible!

    Continuing to walk, along with the chiropractor, should help. Walking does wonders for your back muscles... and I'd LOVE to see a pic of your dress... It's nice to get dolled up once in a while.

    So glad you are on holiday... you have needed it for months.

  • flit

    maybe I will use it as a BEFORE picture ...when I get to the after

  • Susan Helene Gottfried

    Twenty-five pounds? Awesome, Flit!

    I'd suggest talking to your doctor and getting the name of a good personal trainer. Have the trainer give you a really good back and abdominal program that you like and will stick with. I did Boot Camp for months at my Club and holy moley, that half-hour of floor work makes a HUGE difference for me (and, worse, I'm addicted to it!)

  • nipsy

    Congratulations. For your feet, have you ever tried on a pair of Danskos? I have 3 pair, they are hand made, orthopedic shoes. Usually last 3 years and up. They make you stand straight, aligning your back up the way it should be. They are slightly more money, but worth it.

  • Sandy

    Congrats on the 25 pounds. One has to start somewhere. I just back in from my walk. We could pretend to walk together. And multi-tasking as I went, called and scheduled my chiropractor apt. for Wed. Back and knees, right now knees more; but thats because my back in tight. I did just do some stretching. Not as much as I should. Promised myself I would blog a bit, do some dropping, then do another round of stretching. Should have stretched before walking, normally I do. Do you? It's really helpful. Been going to a chiro. for several years now and think they really can be quite good, depending on your troubles. My guy does everything manually, has a good feel and was actually recommended by my MD...now thats unusual. He's particular good with women in that he doesn't over correct. I'm very small and the doc said (who's also a small women), that he can be a problem for people our size. Anyway, hope that goes well for you.

    I've had lots of folks tell me they do better counting points for the weight watcher system then they do calories and are able to maintain it better. Is that an option for you?

    Swing by for a visit, welcome mats always out

  • flit

    I was thinking just today that I could do a better job of stretching before I go .... tried to walk without T3s today - took Extra Strength Tylenol only - was in agony by the time I got home. *sigh*

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