Tay Township Trail ~Improvements~

>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrooge on the trail
I think that soon I am going to have to move my daily walk to the morning - it is just too hot to walk the Tay Township trail between my house and the post office any more. It really is too bad - the town took it over and have made a total hash of the whole thing.

Used to be that we walked the trail - hubby more than me - and there was shade. Not ALL the way - but most of it was lined with trees on both sides. It was gravel then - now they've paved it, cut down most of the trees that used to line it - which provided shade and made for a much more pleasant walk, as well. I would always prefer to look at trees - and birds - and other assorted critters - than at people's trailer homes and houses. I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't!

Not only that, but we used to be able to use the trail year round - now, since they've ~improved~ it, it is no longer usable in the winter. Because they used such a craptastic grade of pavement, they kicked the snowmobile clubs off of it, so there is nothing to pack the snow - which means that the only reasonable way one could use it is with snowshoes.

This season they've added a little park - picnic tables and a few benches - right where there USED to be a whole bunch of beautiful mature trees that would have - - - could have --- provided a lovely shady area for a park. Now it is all cleared - no shade whatsoever. If they had any sense at all they'd have left the damn trees - or now, since it's too late for that, at least put up a gazebo so that it would offer some relief from the sun. No such luck, of course.

*sigh* gotta love such ~improvements~


  • Phyl

    Don't you just shudder, any time you hear the word "development" these days? *sigh*

  • Stephanie B

    Development doesn't have to be a bad thing, but you gotta think ahead and plan accordingly.

    Poor planning has ruined many a good idea.

  • flit

    Most of the development around here - or the development that was supposed to happen but didn't - has been pretty questionable.

    There are a couple of new subdivisions that seem to be doing well though.

  • Sandy

    Sorry, am never happy to hear of a place of nature being bastardize (is that a word?). I never know which of your many blogs I'm going to, get confused easily. Ran out of drops before hitting this one. Though made a note to be sure and hit you tomorrow.

    You like trees.........you gotta see my last post on the travel blog. Like you, they're one of my favorite things in nature.

    how's the walking going? I didn't walk today, in that I didn't take a walk; I did mow the back and side yards though.

  • flit

    I walked a LOT today ... we walked to my hubby's ex's place to see the grandbabies, went shopping and to a park, and then after we got back, the mutt and I walked to the post office and so on... and then home, which was a KILLER.

    Even with my purdy new sunhat, the lack of shade - and my back - make for a not fun trek for most of the way home.

  • Kath Lockett

    Gorgeous photo of your dog. They always 'have me at hello' when they raise a paw....

  • flit

    Scrooge is a very photogenic dog

  • Kelly

    That stinks. Somebody apparently never used those areas when they planned for those changes...otherwise they would have realized the benefit of the trees!

    We had to cut our old tree down because it was diseased and now the sun bakes the house....I miss my tree!


  • flit

    We've got a few poplars that are going to have to come down.... that's part of the whole tree planting campaign

  • lynna

    Scrooge is looking very handsome. Doesn't it just make you sick when they come in and "improve" what was perfect the way it already was! Have you thought about emailing them to mention the trees? Maybe they'd let the trees grow or plant some more if they knew how cutting them all down had really ruined it. Lynn

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