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>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Didn't make it for my walk today .... but I definitely got my workout.

Had an opportunity to go to a garden centre yesterday. I don't get out much now that I can't drive so I enjoyed the outing, especially because the grandbabies were part of the deal.

So - garden centre + diet - obviously I had no choice but to buy tomato plants. And brussel sprout plants. And spinach seeds. And hot peppers for hubby. And...

Good idea - but I should have thought it through a bit better.

I suck at gardening. Really have not had much luck in the past. AND last fall, hubby decided to rake all the leaves into the garden bed. I'm sure the plan was that they would decompose and enrich the soil but he forgot to tell them the plan.

garden mess
So the garden bed was a mess, as you can no doubt see.

gardening - making progress
It looks a lot better now. This year we're going to try some gardening cloth - I ran out before I got my rows all covered though. I guess another trip to a gardening centre is in order.

gardening - weed cloth
According to my-calorie-counter.com, gardening - digging and so on, anyway, burns more than 500 calories an hour. I definitely feel like I have worked today! Weird though - when I walk, my midscapular area just KILLS me.... major spasms, burning and pain - but I was able to do all of that digging and raking and weeding without any problems at all. That just doesn't make any sense!

homemade carrot juiceWhen I finished, I considered still walking up to the post office but decided to skip that and made myself a nice batch of carrot juice instead. I like carrot juice (with just a bit of celery) ... it is too bad that cleaning the juicer afterwards is such a pain - I would use it a lot more often.


  • Stephanie B

    Good for you (in more ways than one). You HAVE to be a better gardener than I am.

  • Sherri

    Good luck with your garden. I always get overly ambitious and plant more than I can handle. I wish veggies could just grow wild like raspberries or mushrooms.

  • lynna

    Nice garden area. Is it big enough? Are you going to try to freeze enough tomatoes for winter? That is our goal. All the tomatoes we would need for the winter plus the bell peppers in particular. It looks to me you've done a good job of getting it prepared. Lynn

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