>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I don't know how or why, but it seems like the wireless router here (house where I'm renting a room) has gone kaput - that does not make me very happy.

Fortunately, I have my Rogers stick - which uses the cell phone network to bring me Internet (it looks just like a flash drive and I pay about $40 a month for it) - but I don't like to use that TOO much as it has more limits to how much you can use in a month before you get hit for more money...but it's a far sight better than nothing.

What is aggravating is that I could more than likely fix the router - but since it's not my house...

Oh well...I'm using the stick for now.

And I'm supposed to be a friend's house in 20 minutes or so anyway - we are having a class BBQ. It looks & feels as though the skies are going to open any minute...but it has for several hours now, so hopefully it will continue to hold off. I'm taking my very pretty hummingbird umbrella (thanks mom) with me just in case though.

Oh, you should go see my mom's new blog! Lady Java did a makeover for her and it looks GREAT.... Stephanie is sure to love the colours, too, I think! Mom had to get a new blog because kicked her off for the crime of being related to me ... nice huh? Picking on lil' ol' ladies! Bullies! That is not the word I would actually use there, but since this is a family friendly site .... Anyway, bites - but mom's new blog looks great and you should go see.


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