Timing is Everything

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm rather amazed... last semester, right near the end when all the essays were due, that's when I had a car accident and broke one wrist and sprained t'other.

THIS semester I made it through the last of my essays... and an hour later, had to trundle off to emerg to find out why the left side of my face was swelling up... so if nothing else, I seem to have learned better timing, eh?

Face is quite a bit better today - it's just a blocked salival gland, and I am on antibiotics and painkillers...not even needing the latter now

The antibiotics seem like they may well be a plus - they upset my stomach and make me nauseous... good for the 1000 calorie a day diet, if nothing else.

I record everything I eat in my food journal at My-Calorie-Counter.com ...today's total was about 300 calories... of course, the fact that I slept until noon might have helped some :)

I was actually in the negative (cuz I burned off more calories walking than I'd eaten) but then we had (no fat no sugar) chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries.

Anyway ...I'm off to bed... getting up early in the morning with hubby ... he's off to do a bat job on an island somewhere and I am going to enjoy my first FREE day finishing off a bit of stuff, maybe organizing some books, and watching stOOpid judge shows.

Oh yeah, and blogging :)

In addition to my own blogs this week, and Scrooge, my walker hound's new blog, I'm also filling in on Ask The Rocket Scientist Anything... no rocket science questions but if you've got any others you'd like me to have a go at, feel free to stop by and ask 'em!


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