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>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

I could not possibly be here, seeing as how I am only on page 10 of a 20 page essay that needs to be done before I go to bed tonight...

I would NEVER be so irresponsible as to write a blog when I have such a nasty deadline approaching; I am, of course, far too responsible for that.

So anyway, while I am not here, can I just tell you how very FRUSTRATED I am with my database students right now?

WHO gets all the way to the end of a 14 week course and then just decides not to hand in their final assignment or show up for the last test? How ******* stOOpid do you have to be?

And worse yet, WHO sends in a database without making sure that the forms and stuff work? Or, if a week after the deadline sees that they STILL don't have a mark and that there is a big ol' announcement posted there saying that if you don't have a mark there is a problem; email me! - doesn't bother to follow that up?

I have a 9 students that fit into either of these 2 categories!!! I have sent out emails, posted announcements, etc... and apparently none of them can be bothered to check their email or respond and I am, I may have mentioned, FRUSTRATED AS HELL with all of them!


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