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>> Monday, April 20, 2009

The lastest update from This was posted in the ~private~ forum earlier today. Personally, I think it is time that we use our new-found SEO skills to ensure that anyone searching for "advertising opportunities" or "advertising" come up with some ~interesting~ posts. As IF they are going to hand our content over to whoever the hell they want.

Moving forward with our plans to get the message out to potential advertisers and to work with current and new bloggers interested in revenue sharing with we wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions we get when a blog’s pay is cut.

Due to our renewed goals for the network, here is what can and cannot do for any blogger not happy blogging with no longer offers transferring to free blog hosting. If you leave the URL and content remains online and reserves the right to reassign the blog with the content (Blogs do not become “inactive”, accounts do.) will not change the Terms and Conditions in regards to content rights. Since the content is purchased under a work for hire agreement , content is the property of Any blogger who wishes to purchase their content back can contact directly to purchase it at the value paid plus 10%. will not lower the payout amount from $50. We feel that if it is not your goal for your blog to make more than $50 in a month or two than [sic] is not the network for you. We are looking for people whose goals are in line with ours, working beyond the minimum to get maximum returns.

To reiterate in our previous post, Forum & Blog Posting Guidelines Regarding Rate Changes and Performance, if you determine you are no longer a fit for the program than [sic] we of course wish you the best in your future endeavors however “Goodbye” posts announcing you are leaving or moving your blog to such and such link(s) will affect the close of your account.

For bloggers who remain in the program, we will get the programs and tools out there for you to make your blog profitable beyond what pay per post could do for you.

The Team


  • Stephanie B

    So, they're hiring a ROCKET SCIENTIST to use MY CONTENT and pretend to be me?

    I don't bloody well think so.

  • Stephanie B

    They've just moved down a notch or six below Perhaps this little nightmare should be forwarded to Preditors and Editors and other watchdog sites.

  • flit

    yep...I'm thinking 6 minimum... they just keep right on shooting themselves in the foot... soon won't have a leg left to stand on.

  • Onceandfuturefarmer

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Today Expat post; I'd intended to drop by everyone's blogs this evening but hadn't gotten to it yet.

    I just love this part---
    we will get the programs and tools out there for you to make your blog profitable beyond what pay per post could do for you.What, like requiring readers to log in to post comments again? Maybe by removing even more options for tweaking the blog theme? No, let me guess---they're going to contract with Don Lapre for a new outstanding money-making opportunity that you can only get by signing up with fast, this is a limited time offer!

    I was referring to as the blogger's gulag months ago. Guess I was more right on than I knew. :-(

  • Kelly

    I may have to tweak a post I am working on about my today experience.... we need to get the word out to as many people as possible to avoid them like the plague....

    I also think once May 10th comes around and the next group gets their pay, more will speak out....


  • Beth V.

    interesting post. I'll be writing something on this on my blog as well.


  • Susan Helene Gottfried


    Just... wow.

  • almost exiled

    Great idea about getting the word out through SEO. I'll have to put my evil thinking cap on to think about ways to put them out of business for good.
    Helium, now that's another entity I've tried and ran like hell from too.

  • flit

    Every time I think they've shot themselves in the foot enough they go doing it again ... this latest really pisses me off.

    give MY content to someone else.. as if.

    I had a look at their T & C and decided that since they broke it by not following through on their payment arrangments (i.e they promised $2/ppm and then made it so most uvs wouldn't count, or would count for less than that) they can sue me if they object to the few blog posts I am swiping and reposting.

    My understanding is that if one party breaks a contract, neither is bound to it any longer... they do have a clause at the bottom that basically says that they can do whatever they want without breaking the contract but those rarely hold up in court.

  • Jeff King

    Thx for the info, it has helped alot..

  • Onceandfuturefarmer

    Has anyone seen this? Doesn't look hopeful... :-(

    My Final Story with

  • homebased

    Dear ,
    Are you against or you want to promote it.It seems that you have promoted a lot and you have provided permanent link to it.Are you planning to delete them in future or keep as it is if yes then you have promoted a lot .I am totally new to and it seems that you are unhappy with but their terms do not seem to be objectionable they are also online for earning my dear and won't make a bad deal.
    Furthermore this is called negetive publicity in which you have promoted a lot ,


  • flit

    where do you see any links to today?

    Today rips people off. Regularly. They lie to their bloggers and their advertisers. Regularly.

    Eventually, yes, I hope this negative publicity will show up high enough on the search engines to let unsuspecting bloggers & advertisers have a better idea of what they are getting into.

    that would be rather the point.

  • flit

    oh - and if you mouse over or check any of those links above - they all go to articles ABOUT today, not to today themselves.

  • Onceandfuturefarmer

    Can anyone get a screen shot of that post? Something undeniable, before it disappears? I have a funny feeling they will rescind that offer for bloggers they have already axed or something. I'm going to contact them and require that they remove any unpaid content of mine from their servers anyway. >:-(

  • Kelly

    So nice to see this about I myself got sucked in and wish I had seen it before I wasted 3 months with them.

  • SLColman

    I wold like to know who could write From Huskies to Husbands at if not me??? Granted mine could be easier to give to someone else but who would want to read it??

    And to get my content back I also have to give back 110% of the bonuses they gave me?? Ummm isn't that the opposite of what a bonus is!!

    So glad I have started the new From Huskies to Husbands already!! :)

  • nipsy

    Ha!! I would love to see someone else trying to be NIPPLELICIOUS... OMG.. that idea has me simply rolling!!

    To even entertain the idea that they can have "clones" writing as us, well good luck with it.

  • betchai

    this is sad, what happened. why had we been trapped all along? i do not think i am banned there (yet) but i am not surprised of what is going on since that was the reason why i moved out.

  • sandy

    Geesssss you have a death in the family keeping you from being able to keep up and the rug gets pulled out...again. I was just beginning to do well on Today, then the EC nightmare began, once I deleted the widget I've had next to no traffic. I've done a few other things, not a lot due to time constrants. Trying to focus on the EC mess as things there seem to spiraling out of control too. Is it time to throw in the towel? The day after I joined Today, the nixed the themes, I have one ok month when the EC explosion starts. I get everything transferred to a new blog on blogspot to use a EC widget when they lower everyone's ability to earn ec, lock people out of the forums etc. Doesn't anyone want new people? I've not been happy with adsense and was thinking Today was the answer to that. Groan Not looking like making $ on any of them is much of a reality.


  • flit

    adsense takes time ... but it is starting to bring in some earnings for me, Sandy ... actually, it was doing considerably better when I just had on it...since I added the new blogs it seems to have tanked again ... but I'm hopefull

  • Anonymous

    my son does a webcomic blog on He likes the address but earnings are very slow. He signed up when it was supposed to be a dollar a day, and they switched him. The $50 payout is quite high, but I suppose they figure a lot of people will stop before they have a chance to get paid

  • David Gerard

    I'm thinking of a DMCA notice regarding the content still on (now alive and well on They broke the contract, they don't own my content.

    I'm fairly sure I can get a declaratory judgement in the UK to this effect with reasonable ease, if I can be bothered.

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