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>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you too are a exile, you probably, like me, are not too thrilled with the thought of continuing to profit from any traffic your blog brings in for them.

Of course, we can’t prevent that - and honestly, I don’t think it is going to be an issue for long, since they are clearly having serious financial issues and since they are SO very, very fond of shooting themselves in the foot that I can’t imagine they will pull through now that they are in the process of clearing out or chasing away most of their prolific and successful bloggers - but just in case, and because we can - here are some of the things that you will want to remember to do:

  1. Of course, you’ll want to remove your blogs from your profile in any directories such as blog catalog, linkreferral, etc. In most cases, substituting your new blog’s address is simple.
  2. If you have Squidoo lenses or articles in other places that point to your Today blogs, make sure you remember to change those links too.
  3. Change your Entrecard widget, if you still have it, to point to your new blogs - no approval required…and get dropping! You might also want to consider changing your paid ads settings, since a/ you can and b/ it looks like those who do are more likely to be able to cash in credits
  4. If you have exiled blogs listed in your EC favourites, consider removing them - no point to giving that extra traffic, right?
  5. If you’ve been using BlogExplosion to bring traffic to blogs, you’ll want to go in there and redirect your credits - or at least pause the blogs until you get new blogs approved and then can redirect there. Do NOT delete your blogs from BlogExplosion until you have transferred your credits or you will lose them!
  6. Update your user profile in any forums you participate in
  7. Let people know where to find you! If you are included in other people’s blogrolls, drop them a note asking that they update your links. Also, if you want to be added to my list of rejects feel free to drop me a note. There are others as well: hospitalera (formerly GoldenPrague) has one, and here is Bookishgal’s list of exiles. Oh, and I just noticed that 30 Something and Searching has a list of exiles too.
  8. If any of the pictures you used in blogs are hosted on your own photobucket or flickr or any other such online accounts, you can remove them or better yet replace them with something creative (I wish I had some! You can BET that I’d be replacing every one with a new image)
  9. Be happy! It might take a while, but everything you learned while blogging on will help you to get your new blogs up, running, & making money. Who wants to stay on a sinking ship? You have SO many more options now - no more lists of banned widgets, no bothering to take the time to use their affiliate codes and then not getting a cent from any sales, and YOU get the money that comes in from adsense. It does take time… but adsense and affiliate programs do work. So - now it’s time to build traffic to build YOUR bottom line, rather than Dave’s.
  10. Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's new blogs - imagine! We can all make the look the way we want to again! No you're-stuck-with-it template! If you're looking for a blog makeover, I highly recommend Lady Java (but not till she's done mine!)


  • Stephanie B

    Ha, I got mine done WHILE you were doing yours. She IS quick and very responsive.

  • flit

    She is so :)

  • Kelly

    I haven't been able to get on blog explosion, I kept getting a note saying the link was broken no matter how I tried to get there. Yours works! yay!

    I've got to go and get a copy of all of my posts from Today. I have most of them in text form, but I want to go and copy them with the photos and links and all just in case they completely go under and I have no reference to my material....


  • flit

    ah ...I should have included that in the list. Steph and I both got ours before we got locked out, which was good since it made it easier when you could go into the control panel and change it to show LOTS of posts per page

  • Kelly

    I had no warning at all, so I couldn't do it before getting locked...but I got all my posts copied with pics included and am deleting all my photobucket images they have on their site. It looks like crap now! hahahaha!


  • flit

    oh don't DELETE THEM

    it would be WAY more fun to substitute a new image

  • LadyJava

    I currently have two blogs over at they demoted one to non ppp recently .. now I'm simply too lazy to write there anymore :(

  • flit

    not much point anyway, LadyJava... they are not even really paying $2/ppm

  • LadyJava

    Good thing I already have 6 blogs with!!

  • Valerie David

    Heya! I'm a reject, too! I've added you to my blogroll on my brand new and scarily empty blogspot here:

    Hope that's okay!

  • flit

    Of course it is ....and I've added you to mine as well

  • Kelly

    I have the photos in other places, so it's not like I am losing them, I just deleted them from photobucket to make the today site look as ugly as possible. :D


  • flit

    ah but if you REPLACED them with a sucks image or whatever, you could really have changed the look of the site :)

  • Kelly

    If only I had any idea how to do that! haha!

    I figure if ALL my images are gone, people will get the idea that I didn't just abandon my blog...I hope...

    by the way, ladyjava helped me rid my blog of the JS-Kit, so my comments should be normal again.


  • flit

    all it would take it uploading a substitute picture - that has the same file name.

    Could say something like see me at blogspot :)

  • Davida

    Ha! What a conspiracy! I love it!


  • Brad

    I did everything that Flit said to do but I noticed that I did still have redirection from my twitter account that also needed deleted.

    When I left today I also made one final post to redirect to my new site. Somehow I knew they would be vindictive and delete the post. I put my redirection in the title, used the whole title as the tag so it would get indexed before they knew it!

    Where is todays money going? Well it seems like they are associated with problogger or something. They also have a full two page ad in website magazine promising to pay new bloggers.

    I think today came up with this stupendous plan not to pay today bloggers for at least 6 months or more to sink some capital into other things!

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